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Mar. 15th, 2008 @ 05:37 pm Lisa Feeney update:
Muireann reports:

"I have just heard from Phil Cantwell, confirmed from the RL camp, that
Lisa has left the tunnel and has left in the company of her parents and
That is all I know as of now."
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Tara´s Dancers  ©2007 Ingrid Houwers
Mar. 13th, 2008 @ 07:22 pm The Battle of Rath Lugh
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Today the Gardaí stormed and dismantled the camp at Rath Lugh. Protestors say the Gardaí are being "vicious." At least three people have been arrested, two of them dragged down the unstable esker. Five more have cemented their arms to the fence. It is unclear whether they have cut off the power and, hence, the air supply to Squeak, the brave young woman we saw interviewed in the tunnel video.

Squeak on the ramparts at Rath Lugh, before entering the tunnels below the proposed roadway

updates coming in quickly...Collapse )

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NicEoghainn, macewen, tartan and leather
Mar. 11th, 2008 @ 02:42 am Chicago parade - Save Tara contingent
Chicago's Irish Freedom Committee is inviting all those who want to protest the destruction of Tara to march with them in Saturday's Downtown Chicago St. Patrick's Day parade.

More Info

If I were in the city for this, I'd make an exception to my usual avoidance of the parade. Go Chicago Celts! And if anyone knows of similar events at other parades, please post them.

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Tara´s Dancers  ©2007 Ingrid Houwers
Feb. 22nd, 2008 @ 08:34 pm Tara pilgrimages - first hand accounts needed
Would any of you who have made the pilgrimage to Tara, or who are planning to go, and who would be open to talking to a friendly reporter about their feelings about the site, and what it means to them as a Celtic Reconstructionist (or Celtic Pagan, or just a person of Irish heritage) please email me promptly?

I am helping a reporter who is writing about the spiritual aspects of the Tara preservation effort, and specifically what the site means to Pagans/Polytheists. He would especially like some first-person accounts from those who have been there and felt the spiritual importance of the site. The visit to Tara doesn't have to have been recent. He is experienced in writing about religious and spiritual matters, has interviewed a variety of Pagans before, as well as people of other religions, and promises not to bite ;-) I enjoyed speaking with him.

I think that helping people understand the spiritual/religious, as well as the historical, importance of the place is an important part of swaying public opinion. The most recent poll shows Irish support for preserving Tara is now up to 80%.

I can be reached at kathryn ( at ) bandia ( dot ) net, or this screen name at livejournal dot com. You could also comment here, if you prefer, with a way for me to contact you. His deadline is Sunday, so prompt responses are needed.

NOTE Those living elsewhere than America who would want to discuss this, also feel free to contact me. I'm sure voices from other countries would be welcome, as well.

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turnip heads stand with tara
Oct. 18th, 2007 @ 02:49 pm I Stand with Tara - Samhain Ritual
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On Samhain night, Oct. 31 2007, people all over the world will be uniting in a ritual to help protect and preserve one of the most sacred sites in Ireland, and indeed the world: The Hill of Tara and the surrounding Skryne Valley, in County Meath, Ireland.

As many of you know, the site is still threatened with destruction. We are working together with activists in Ireland to help stop this, both with this-world activism and with a ritual we've written to help support the activists spiritually.

In the time of our ancestors, Tara was the center of a ritual complex, where signal fires were lit to mark the holy day, and whose light spread out from hilltop to hilltop across the land. Now, the center has been neglected, so much so that some think it is no matter to desecrate it. So we meet on Samhain to add our energy and prayers to revitalise and resacralise Tara.

In the past, the signal and sacred flames were taken from Tara; but on Samhain we will all unite to send the power and blessings back to Tara, to rebuild the source. We will light our individual fires on hilltops and in fields, and in homes around the world. We will have people climbing the surrounding hills all across Ireland, and in many countries the world around. We will unite our flames with the center. We will unite to protect Tara.

Read more at http://www.paganachd.com/tara

At the end of the pre-ritual briefing we've posted information on how to help physically - by writing letters, sending money, calling with moral support, or going and standing in front of bulldozers. Our other offering is this ritual, which I wrote together with thewronghands, after we both got some heavy requests from the spirits.

Note - I will be adding more graphics and smoothing out the visuals of the site a bit more in the coming days, but all the info should be there. We welcome your feedback! If you plan on participating in the ritual, please consider letting us know. We may be posting a list of participants on the site. If you write us, let us know how you'd like to be named. We suggest using one of the formats in the ritual, explained in under the "Introduce yourself (threefold) and Lighting the Signal Fires For Tara" instructions on the pre-ritual briefing page (http://www.paganachd.com/tara/pre-ritual.html).

cross-posted to caitriona_nnc, paganacht, and a handful of other places. feel free to re-post this message and link to the ritual on the website
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At the standing stones
Jan. 17th, 2006 @ 12:01 am Important information about this journal
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Apologies for the non-action of this livejournal.

I would like to announce that the functions of this livejournal are being transferred.

You may or may not know about a website my family and I run called The Tara Foundation, the organ of our organisation of the same name. In short, our aim is to educate people through the media on the damage which is being done to Ireland's environment and heritage by certain infrastructural projects being planned or built at the moment. These projects are of little no help to the transport or energy needs of the country and often violate the rights of Irish citizens and the Irish constitution.
(Two of the main issues are the planned motorway through the historic Tara valley and Shell Oil vs. the people of Rossport. We have a section dedicated to promoting the rights of indigenous people, named in honour of Roger Casement - coming soon.)

There is a new forum attached to the site: I invite you all to sign up. Even if you have no interest in the issues we promote, there is an off-topic section where you can discuss politics, history and current affairs, or books and multimedia (including the internet, film, music, etc.). You don't have to align yourself to our point of view in order to discuss the issues.
Posting is possible without becoming a member, so you don't have to join, though it would be nice.

The reason I am looking for members right now is that a statement by our organisation will be published in an Irish current affairs magazine this week about Tara, and it would be nice if the forum could be up and running by then.

If you know anyone who might be interested in this, please feel free to forward this information.

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The Green Parasol by Guy Orlando Rose
Sep. 30th, 2005 @ 10:23 pm The REAL alternative to the M3
From Indymedia
Meath on Track launch new petition to re-open the Navan-Kells railway
by Meath on Track Friday, Sep 30 2005, 8:06pm
meathontrack@gmail.com phone: 0863213755
meath / environment / press release

End Meath's commuter misery

The solution to ending N3 commuter misery is simple, but getting the Dublin to Navan and Kells rail line re-opened will not be easy because there in no political will for it to happen.

New Meath on Track petition launched

A new website has been launched with an online petition (www.meathontrack.com) for the reopening of the Dublin to Navan & Kells line, via Dunshaughlin and Ratoath.

The petition aims to collect 5,000 signatures initially, and is addressed to Noel Dempsey, TD for Meath and Government Minister.

The solution to ending N3 commuter misery is simple, but getting the Dublin to Navan and Kells rail line re-opened will not be easy because there in no political will for it to happen. At present, the only rail solution on offer to commuters in Meath is the Dunboyne rail extension which hasn't even been confirmed by government yet.

The big problem with the Dunboyne extension is that it isn't a rail solution for Meath - it will go as far as the Dublin-Meath border where it stops, and many of us living in Meath will have to pay 2 M3 tolls each way to get there, as well as Park & Ride charges, and that is before we even pay for our rail tickets.

And the bi-election promises of re-opening the line at a later date seem empty as building the M3 across the route of the old Navan line without putting in bridges to facilitate the lines re-opening means that it is unlikely that the Dublin-Navan line will ever be reopened again. One estimate is that bridging the M3 at Cannistown, near Navan at a later date will add at least €50m to the cost of re-opening the line, making the cost of the project prohibitive. An Bord Pleanála recently stipulated that the N6 bridge the route of the disused Limerick-Athenry line to facilitate the lines re-opening in future - why does the M3 not bridge the Dublin-Navan line?

The Meath on track campaign has 5 set goals:

1. To ensure that the existing Navan-Drogheda-Dublin line remains in operation and opens to commuter trains.
2. To secure immediate provision of 2 non-stop express commuter trains from Navan to Dublin via the existing Navan-Drogheda-Dublin line, twice a day.
3. To ensure that the M3 plans are changed to bridge the Navan line at Cannistown, etc.
4. To scrap the token rail solution that is the Dunboyne extension plan in favour of re-opening NOW the Dublin-Navan-Kells line via Dunshaughlin & Ratoath.
5. To secure planning for re-opening of Broadstone Station in Dublin as a terminus for the Navan rail service (as it was in the past), to avoid IE's excuse of lack of station capacity.

Those interested in signing the Meath on Track petition should visit www.meathontrack.com.
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The Green Parasol by Guy Orlando Rose
Jul. 11th, 2005 @ 12:54 am Message from the Tara-Skryne group: please circulate
Current Mood: busybusy
'Heed the People - Respect the Law - Stop the Dig - Save Tara!'


The Tara campaign has become quiet of late, and it is time to mobilize public support in a very public way. There has been a need to separate litigation from the Save Tara Skryne Valley Group, in order to ensure protection from liability for the members of the non-incorporated group, who are not taking action, or directly supporting it.
However, a strong message needs to be sent to the Government, and to the nation, that the people want the digs stopped. As you have seen, a new survey shows the majority of Irish people are against the route, and thus the excavation of Tara.

On June 14th, the Minister for the Environment, The Attorney General, Meath County Council, and the National Roads Authority will come to the High Court and give their first answer to the legal charges railed against them. Certain procedural determinations will be made that way, on how the case will proceed. One of the main issues, of course, will be whether the authorities will stop work of their own accord, and respect the legal process, or whether they will plough ahead, and the judge will be forced to either issue an order or an injunction. The fact that works are still continuing since the July 4th hearing in the High Court, when leave was granted to review the lagality of the M3 motorway scheme, shows the contempt the authorities have for the law.

They must be shown up, for the cultural criminals they are.

A protest will begin outside the High Court on the morning of Thursday 14th July, at 9.00 am. It will continue throughout the day, until the hearing is concluded. The hearing will begin at 11.00 am - and could run into the afternoon.

Mass peaceful demonstration must happen, if it is ever to happen for Tara. This is an opportunity to reverse the PR and lies being circulated by the likes of Minister Cullen, Meath Chambers of Commerce, IBEC, to the effect that only a small minority of troublemakers case about Tara.

This must be a 'spontaneous' outpouring. We need a strong representative group of Irish society there, including children, housewives, businessmen, shopkeepers and old age pensionners to come down and make their own sign. It is better that this is not seen to be 'organised' by Save Tara Skryne Valley group, since they are not taking litigation. It must be representatives of ALL environmental, social and political groups and PARTIES, who have an interest in this issue.

Please forward this mail. Please call your party, your boss, your society and get a mandate to put out a call. This is the best opportunity we will have for months. The world media will be watching, and we have to shout now, as loud as we can.

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The Green Parasol by Guy Orlando Rose
Jun. 29th, 2005 @ 10:06 pm Shell seek to create precdent in Ireland: putting oil pipes through residential areas.
"Do you have a house, do you have a car? You should think about your wife and family.....”
Shell Vs. People Of Rossport: "Mafia Threats" from Judge Before He jails The Rossport Five.

The High Court has jailed five people at the request of Shell for attempting to stop the multinational from laying a controversial, high-pressure, "offshore" gas pipeline through their land in Rossport, Co Mayo. The judge ordered that the five men - four small landowners and a local supporter - be imprisoned "until they purge their contempt", meaning they will not be released until they have promised to allow Shell to dig up their land.

He warned them it was also in his power to seize assets, including their homes and farms. The judge also awarded costs against the five, Philip McGrath, Willie Corduff, Vincent McGrath, James Brendan Philbin and Michael O'Seighin. The landowners in question say if the pipeline goes ahead they will have to leave their homes because of the danger posed by the pipeline, which even Minister Noel Dempsey has acknowledged is "unprecedented" anywhere in the world. They had previously said they were prepared to go to jail rather than be "guinea pigs" in Shell's "experiment". Noel Dempsey has not yet given ministerial consent for the pipeline, yet the five were jailed for refusing to give an undertaking not to obstruct Shell from accessing their land to begin work. The jailing comes 10 years after the execution of nine Ogoni activists for their opposition to Shell's operation in Nigeria.

From here.
This issue is as important as Tara.

Please learn about the issues by looking at the 'Corrib Campaign' section on the Tara Foundation website and following the links. Please learn what you can do to help. I am really not overstating the issue by saying that this is of international importance. Shell want to create a precdent in Ireland and have said as much. Ireland will get no money from this oil - Ireland's - because of secret deals made by the government. There will not be a single local job created.
These courageous protesters have frustrated Shell Oil's plans so far; some public support will help the campaign to go on in spite of the jailings.
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The Green Parasol by Guy Orlando Rose
May. 16th, 2005 @ 11:01 pm (no subject)
You might have heard the bad news that the M3 motorway through the Tara-Skryne valley has been approved by the Irish government. However, there is still time to protest.

The Tara Foundation would like to announce the launch of our website at http://www.tara-foundation.org.
We would like any groups or individuals to help with our campaign. Find out how to do so at our website.
Please note that the site is not complete, so content will be added over the next few days and weeks.
We would be pleased if you would sign our guestbook with any feedback.
Greetings. Le meas mór
The Tara Foundation,
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The Green Parasol by Guy Orlando Rose